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About DocumentMall On-Line Storage

  • Simple, secure web-based document storage, sharing, and management solution
  • Secure document repository is instantly accessible from any location using a web browser
  • Cost-effective, low-risk method of electronic document conversion, storage, and distribution
  • For complete product information, free seminars, case studies, and more

Major Applications

  • Ideal for companies addressing business process improvement, compliance and archiving, or departments managing volumes of invoices, POs, contracts, and other documents
  • External document access and sharing without changes to corporate security policies


  • More timely access to information
  • Stored documents available (by web browser) to remote offices, customers, vendors, groups
  • Reduce storage and paper handling costs
  • Provides off-site electronic document storage for disaster recovery, compliance, and archiving

Using DocumentMall

  • Can be used by just a few people or for collaboration on a global scale
  • Simple to get started, easy to use and support
  • Administrative tools to manage Users, Groups, Permissions and track usage
  • Full-text search and retrieval of scanned images
  • Many document conversion, indexing, and upload options (including high-volume)
  • DocumentMall storage account can be increased based on need

Implementing this Solution

  • No hardware to buy or servers to maintain
  • Fully managed on-demand software solution delivered over the Internet and sold as a service
  • Developed on the EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Management Platform
  • Encrypted upload and retrieval (128-bit SSL)
  • Only solution to deliver integrated MFP internet browser for secure upload of scanned documents over the internet
  • Upload Agent and Bar-code indexing options streamline document conversion
  • Can integrate with 3rd party document capture solutions
  • Internet fax and scanner compatibility

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